Heritage House Museum of Montgomery County


12th Annual Sorghum Festival set for Saturday

MOUNT IDA – The Heritage House Museum of Montgomery County will host their 12th annual Sorghum Festival this Saturday, October 9. The festival gives everyone a chance to get out and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the Heritage House Museum and sorghum cook room.The annual event is held at the museum which is located at 819 Luzerne Street in Mount Ida and is free for everyone. Sorghum Festival heritage house museumThe festival celebrates the history of Montgomery County and specifically the cooking of sorghum. The Hodge Black Memorial Cook Room will be steaming up the area as it

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Remembering the Sweet Life at the Sorghum Festival

The Heritage House Museum of Montgomery County hosted their 10th Annual Sorghum Festival Saturday, October 26, in spite of the threat of rain most of the day. The festival provides a look into an important part of everyday life from Montgomery County’s past. Sorghum Festival Heritage House Museum Mount IdaThe harvesting of sorghum and then cooking the juice into syrup was a necessity of old time life in Montgomery County, as well as other rural areas. Museum Director Karen Rouse worked hard to provide a host of vendors and exhibits to entertain and educate the visitors to the festival. Vendors

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Sweeten Your Day at the 10th Annual Sorghum Festival

The folks at the Heritage House Museum are braving the cloudy skies today as they work to sweeten your day with the 10th Annual Sorghum Festival in Mount Ida. This year’s Sorghum Festival is offering area cooks an opportunity to show off your best sorghum recipes this Saturday at theHeritage House Museum’s 10th Annual Sorghum Festival. The festival to be held Saturday, October 26, at the museum in Mount Ida. There will be a cooking contest featuring two categories. You can enter in either the bread or dessert category. If you so choose you can enter in both. The only

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